About The Show 

The Podcasts include the Mindset and Manifesting Podcast episodes, where Lynna talks about mindset and manifesting from an awakened perspective. She focuses on sharing her experiences with cultivating awareness to manifest the life you desire.  

The Podcast also includes The Journey of Awakening Podcast episodes, where Lynna shares her mystical experiences and talks about awakening, awareness, other dimensions, aliens, and more.

Finally, the Neville Goddard Lectures Podcast includes the lectures of the late Neville Goddard, a modern mystical known for his teachings: Consciousness is the Only Reality, Feeling is the Secret, Assumptions Harden Into Facts, and many more.

Our Hosts

Lynna K Teer is a spiritual teacher and Lifestyle and Manifesting coach. She is also a USAF veteran, a mother, and a grandmother. Currently, she lives in Colorado after moving from Germany in 2001.  Lynna K Teer has also lived in Panama, England, and Italy while on active duty in the United States Air Force. However, she was born and raised in Florida.

When Lynna K Teer created her blog, she focused on sharing her experiences overcoming anxiety and depression.  However, less than a year after starting her blog, she experienced an awakening.  Lynna K Teer found the teachings of Neville Goddard and began having mystical dreams and experiences. She rarely talks about anxiety, depression, or any of the abuse she endured growing up now because her life has completely changed. However, she knows that it is important for others to realize that anxiety and depression can be overcome.

Lynna K Teer on Finding Balance

Finding balance in talking about the things she has overcome to help others is important too.  However, going through an awakening is so profound that it is impossible not to share. Understanding manifesting and that we have the power within us to change our lives and the lives of others is also profound.  So, her blog is a platform to share as many experiences as possible. That’s where you’ll get to know more about Lynna.

Lynna is constantly learning and growing, her mystical dreams and experiences have increased, and her journey is far from over.  We all have a story, and if we do not like the current story, then we have the power to change it.  Lynna hopes that her story will resonate with those with whom it is meant to resonate.  Anyone can change their life.